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Art of Writing



For 35 years The Young Authors and Artists Conference has inspired and given voice to over 15,000 talented students at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Students from third through 12th grade spend the day with fellow passionate authors and artists. 

Follow the link below to guarantee your seat.

The registration includes the opportunity to have a personal narrative or work of art published in the book, Art of Writing, a copy of the book, admission to the museum, snacks, lunch, and the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the most passionate young authors and artist in the area. 


Young authors begin the day touring the museum searching for a piece of art that reminds them of a story from their life. Once the writing process is completed, the stories are collected for the Art of Writing anthology.  Meanwhile, young artists and photographers document the day by touring the museum, creating their own art from their chosen medium (sketch, 3D, or photography), receiving constructive feedback from their teammates, and then revising their work for the anthology. 


In the spring, the museum hosts a publishing party where students return and celebrate their work in the newly published book. Students who participate in our conference, and the subsequent publishing party, often express the significance of the experience with, “It was the best day of my life.”

Art of Writing:                                          Young Authors and Artists Conference
Art of Writing:                                          Young Authors and Artists Conference
Dec 05, 2022, 8:15 AM
Some of the best and brightest young authors and artists in the area will meet on Monday, December 5, 2022. Each young author's and artist's work will be published in the 2022 anthology, Art of Writing.
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