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Photo, Illustration, Video Release Agreement

Photographs, illustrations, and video footage will be created for the length of the conference. Some of these images will be published on the Art of Writing and the museum website. Video footage will be used on the conference's website and also used the following year for teaching purposes. 

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Students and teachers of the Young Authors and Artists Conference take photographs, create illustrations, and shoot video footage of attendees of the conference at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


Members of the media may also be invited to the conference. We appreciate your cooperation and consent in allowing us to capture imagery of your child/children/student(s) for our use in various mediums. This includes, but is not limited to, external media outlets such as television and newspaper, as well as internal media producers who update the conference and art museum’s website, participatory media platforms, advertisements, promotional materials, and other online and offline publications.


The goal of this service is to document the conference and improve the conference via collaboration and communication. You have our assurance that these images will be used only for official purposes.


By registering for the conference, permission is granted to use the photographic, illustrative, and video images taken or created on the day of the conference. 


Furthermore, by registering for the conference, I understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable by reason of such use.

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