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Student Testimonials

What do our young authors and artists think? The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Why? We have a theory.  For many students, this is the first time they are surrounded by peers who share their passion for writing and art.  They're also not used to receiving such impactful constructive feedback. Every student arrives as a talented writer and/or artist.  The magic is they leave even stronger because of their peers. 

one word    

Students evaluate the conference giving us first-hand accounts of what works and what needs work. Students find the one word that sums up their day. 

Here is a sampling of their responses. 

Describe in one word_edited.jpg


"Phenomenal, awesome, fantastic, spectacular. On a scale of 1-10, I give the conference a 15."

— Noah, Grade 5, Madison

"I will remember this experience as a milestone in becoming a writer."

— Margaret, Grade 6, DePere

"The best part was drawing all day and showing my artwork."

— Spencer, Grade 9, Shiocton

"The best part of the entire day was sharing rough drafts and getting and giving great feedback. This was a wonderful, inspiring challenge."

— Julian, Grade 12, Milwaukee

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